Kenny Grohowski

The jazz/metal crossover can take many forms, but in the case of Kenny Grohowski, that overlap is clear and overt. Growing up as a serious fusion head, this NYC-via-Miami drummer went on to study jazz at the New School and play with established artists such as Lonnie Plaxico and Andy Milne. Metal was a later discovery for him, but as of 2019, Grohowski is now fully immersed in that scene. He regularly performs and records with the outlandish, eclectic Imperial Triumphant, as well as Simulacrum, a trio masterminded by John Zorn that draws on Grohowski's entire skill set.

Kenny and I spoke about how hearing Meshuggah helped him get over his fusion snobbery, the unique "swing" of metal, the anatomy of a Zorn session, how he's able to make his blastbeats breathe and much more.

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